10 Places You Should Visit With Your Best Friends

We all have some friends who are mad like us and share the equal passion for travel. There are some friends who are dear to us than our family. We share every little thing with them. We share our happiness with them. We cry together when we feel sad and hurt by others.Friends tell us how intelligent we are and they are the one who points out our mistakes if we are wrong and these are the friends they stay with us till we die. We proudly introduce them to our family and say these are my Best Friends Forever.

We plan outings with the friends. We go out for the party and celebrate friendship day. We do everything possible things to make our friends happy. We search different places for travel only with friends.

Here are Top 10 Places Where You should Visit With Your Friends.

Lonavala And Khandala 

To Feel The Nature, Enjoy Trekking And The Famous Lonavala Chikki.

Best Places To Visit With Friends - Lonavala And Khandala
Rajmachi Fort

To Enjoy The Best Beach Music Festival

Best Place to Enjoy With Friends - Goa
Sunburn Festival - Goa
Leh Ladakh 

To Enjoy the Best Road Trip in Your Life on The Highest Riding Point

Best Place to Visit With College Friends in North India

Jim Corbett

To Enjoy the Best Wildlife Safari With Friends

Jim Corbett Wildlife Safari Must Go With Friends


To Enjoy The NightLife of the City 

Explore The Mumbai Nightlife With Friends

Auli Uttrakhand

To Feel The Magic Of Skiing With Friends

Auli - To Feel The Magic Of Skiing With Friends


To Enjoy Adventure Activities like ParaGliding, Skinning

Manali - To Enjoy Adventure Activities like Para Galiding


To Enjoy The Best Festival of Gujrat - Rann of Kutch

Kutch - To Enjoy The Best Festival of Gujrat - Rann of Kutch


To See The Parade on Wagah Border

Punjab - To See The Parade on Wagah Border


To See The Famous Iconic Monuments With Friends

Delhi - To See The Famous Iconic Monuments With Friends

10 Street Foods You Will Miss When You Go Outside Mumbai

Mumbai also Known as the City of Dreams. Many People leave their village and come here with the hope of better lifestyle.  
They come here to earn and live like a king. Some people come here to see the famous film city and to become a part of it.

But apart from the job and to settle down here many people just come to relax on their holidays and explore the city.  They come here to see the amazing places in Mumbai like The Gateway of India, Taj Hotel, Juhu Chowpatty, Girgaum Beach, Amitabh Bachan and Shahrukh Khan's Bungalows.

They come here to see the famous temples like Siddhi Vinayak and Babul Nath Mandir, Haji Ali Dargah. No matter for what reason you are here in Mumbai whether you stay here or just as a tourist but one thing you can not miss is the famous street food of Mumbai.

You will find the variety of dishes to eat here on every lane, every corner of the road and trust me they are extremely cheap priced. You will love the food and miss if you leave Mumbai.

Some food you will get in many cities but the taste will be different.

So here are the top 10 street food of Mumbai you should try.

1) Vada Pav – The Most Famous Street Food Of Mumbai

Vada Pav The Famous Street Food of Mumbai

Vada - a combination of boiled mashed potato with chilli cumin seed and some masalas. These vada pavs are the deep fried food which you will get near to all famous sightseeing and every lane of Mumbai and trust me at every place you will find different taste but different varieties.

2) Pani Puri

Pani Puri On the Streets Of Mumbai

Pani Puri also known as puchkas, gol gappa at few regions in India. Pani puri is one of the best dish added in the hotels street food list. You will get Pani Puri in many cities but the best you will get only here in Aamchi Mumbai. You should try the famous Alco Pani Puri at hill road Bandra west.

3) Misal Pav

The Famous Misal Pav of Mumbai

Misal is a traditional spicy Maharashtrian dish. You can feel the real Maharashtrian food taste in the misal. If you want to taste the best Missal of Mumbai you should go to Mamledar Misal Pav Centre located at Thane. But don't forget to take Lassi there as the Misal is really spicy but one of the must having street food of Mumbai.

4) Sandwich

Sandwich The Cheap Street Cuisine of Mumbai

Like Pani Puri you will get Sandwich everywhere in India. 
In fact, one can make sandwiches at home too. 
But if you want to eat different types of sandwich like the chocolate sandwich, pizza sandwich then you should come here in Mumbai and visit Churchgate. 

5) Bhajiyas 

Kanda Bhajiyas The Best Food In Mumbai

At some vada pav stall, you will also get bhajiyas. You will find the variety of bhajiyas in Mumbai. But whatever type of Bhajiyas you eat, make sure it's hot and served with green chilli and chutneys. You will find kanda bhajiyas at most of the places. Kanda bhajiyas are a mixture of onion with besan and deeply fried. Apart from kanda bhajiya you can also try potato bhajiyas with pav. They are delicious.

6) Kulfi 

Kulfi Best Dessert To Eat in on The Streets Of Mumbai

Kulfi is a Popular frozen dessert made of milk malai and some cashew nuts. In Mumbai, you will find different types of kulfi at different places. But If you want to eat best malai kulfi you should visit Girgaon Chowpathy.

7) Pav Bhaji 

Delecious Pav Bhaji On The Mumbai Roads

Pav Bhaji is another budget street cuisine of Mumbai. You will find many pav bhaji stalls near to corporate offices and colleges. People here in Mumbai love to eat pav bhaji as their lunch and dinner on the street to save the pocket money. Pav bhaji is a thick vegetable gravy made with the ingredients like tomato, onion, cauliflower and green peas. Most Maharashtrian add lot of green chillies to add spice in the bhaji. You can see variety of pav bhaji at the stalls which include Cheese Pav Bhaji, Jain Pav Bhaji And Spicy pav Bhaji.

8) Dabeli

Dabeli - Mumbai Street Food

Dabeli is a Gujarati dish originated from the kutch area of Gujrat. Dabeli is a mixture of masala bhaji including tamarind, date, garlic, red chillies and garnish with some pomegranate and namkins. You will find Dabeli on the streets of Mumbai as many people sell Dabelis in the market.

9) Frankie 

Paneer Frankie Rolls on Mumbai Streets

Frankie is a new version of chapati rolls. In Mumbai, you can eat different types of Frankies like Noodles Frankie, Paneer Frankie Rolls, Szechwan Frankie, Cheese Frankie and Masala Frankie. Frankie is popular between the youngsters in Mumbai. There are many Frankie joints available near to college and corporate areas.

10) Bhel 

Chinese Bhel A Must Have Street Dish in Mumbai

Bhel is another easily available snacks in Mumbai. You can see the bhelwallas while walking near to railway stations, market areas and popular tourist places in Mumbai. Bhel is a combination of murmura with some tomatos, onion, chillies and some salted snacks. now days Chinese Bhel and bhajiyas are very popular in Mumbai and easily available. Chinese bhel is a combination of deep fried noodles with some cabbage and different sauce. You should eat Chinese Bhel during your stay in Mumbai.

10 Places You Should Visit In Jaipur During Monsoon

Jaipur (Also known as the Pink City of Rajasthan) is the capital of Rajasthan. Jaipur is the tenth most populous city in India and is also the most visited place near Delhi and Agra. Jaipur is an ideal weekend getaway for Delhi people.

Founded by Maharaja Man Singh (The King of Amer) Jaipur is famous for their architecture, historical culture, museums, forts, palaces and Rajasthani Food.

For many people, they feel Jaipur is not the place to visit because they don’t like forts and museums. But according to us you should visit all these places in Jaipur if you really want to know how our Raja Maharajas used to live earlier.

You can visit Jaipur in one day if you want to see only major attractions in Jaipur or you can extend your trip to two or three days if  you don’t want to miss anything.

An Ideal time to visit Jaipur is from June to February, but we recommend visiting people during monsoon. Monsoon is the best time to visit Jaipur as well as other places near Jaipur like Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

Whether you extend your trips or not, but below are some amazing places in Jaipur you should not miss during your trip. You can cover all these places in one day tour also.

Have A look At 10 Places You Should Visit In Jaipur During Monsoon –

1) Amer Fort and Palace 

Amer Fort Jaipur India
Amer Fort Jaipur India
Amer fort also known as Amer ka Kila (Amber Fort) is located at Amer, 11 Km from Jaipur city is one of the major attraction of Jaipur. The palace was the residence of Maharaja Jai Singh and Rajput families earlier.

Not to Miss In Amer Fort –

•    Elephant Ride – If you want to go up by a royal elephant ride you have to reach Amer early in the morning. You have to pay Rs. 1000 for the ride which will cover your two-way ride.
•    Sheesh Mahal – Covered with full of mirrors Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) is one of the most photographed places in Amer Fort.
•    A View from the top of Amer Fort – You will see Jaigarh Fort on from the top of Amer and its breathtaking view.
•    Sound and Light Show in the Night

Amer Fort And Palace Night View - Places To Visit In Jaipur
Amer Fort And Palace Night View
Amer Fort & Palace Timing - 9.00 A.M. to 6.30 P.M.

Entry Fee for Amer –

For Indians - Rs. 100
For Foreigners – Rs. 500
For Indian Students – Rs. 10
For Foreign Students – Rs. 100

2) Nahargarh Fort 

Beautiful City View From Nahargarh Fort Jaipur.JPG

If you want to see a glimpse of complete pink city Jaipur then you should not miss this fort. Situated on the edge of Aravali hills build by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh this fort offers a mesmerising view from the top. 
One can see the amazing view of Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal while driving towards the hill. This fort was made for the protection of Jaipur and it is like a boundary for Jaipur.

Nahargarh Fort Timing - 9.00 A.M. To 5.30 P.M.

Entry Fee for Nahargarh Fort –

For Indians - Rs. 20
For Foreigners – Rs. 50
For Indian Students – Rs. 5
For Foreign Students – Rs. 25

3) City Palace And Museum

City Palace And Museum Must Visit Place in Jaipur

The present residence of the king of Jaipur. But one can visit the public areas Inside City palace. You can see Mubarak Mahal, Diwan – A – Aam, Darbar Hall and Museums inside the palace.   
This place is located near to Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal. You can visit all these three places in one day.

City Palace Timing - 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

Entry Fee for City Palace -

For Indians - Rs. 100
For Foreigners – Rs. 500
For Indian Students – Rs. 10
For Foreign Students – Rs. 100

4) Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal Jaipur Rajasthan

Hawa Mahal also known as Wind Place is situated near to City Palace and Jantar Mantar. You can see the outside while walking on the street of Jaipur. Hawa Mahal has 953 small windows (Jharokhas). These Jharokas were made for the royal women’s to see the street festivals from inside the palace.

Hawa Mahal Timing - 9.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M.

Entry Fee for Hawa Mahal -

For Indians - Rs. 50
For Foreigners – Rs. 200

5) Jantar Mantar 

Built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, Jantar Mantar is the best place to visit if you want to observe how the ancient people use to measure time, predict eclipses and track major stars. 
It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You should hire a guide for understanding the functions of different instruments.

Jantar Mantar Timing – 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Entry Fee for Jantar Mantar -

For Indians - Rs. 50
For Foreigners – Rs. 250
For Indian Students – Rs. 20
For Foreign Students – Rs. 100

6) Jaigarh Fort 

Jaigarh Fort Jaipur Rajasthan

Situated at the distance of 1 km from Amer, this place is a must visit during monsoon. You will see the amazing greeneries from the top of Jaigarh fort. The fort is situated on the Aravali hills and made for the protection of the Amer fort. World largest canons are placed here on the top of the fort.

An Amazing View From Jaigarh Fort Jaipur Rajasthan
An Amazing View From Jaigarh Fort Jaipur Rajasthan
Jaigarh Fort Timing - 9.30 A.M. to 6.30 P.M.

Entry Fee for Jaigarh Fort -

For Indians - Rs. 35
For Foreigners – Rs. 100

7) Jal Mahal 

Jal Mahal - Place to See in Jaipur

Jal Mahal is a building situated in the middle of Man Sagar lake. You can not visit this place from inside but you can see the outer view from the surrounding boundaries. 
While travelling towards Amer fort you can visit this place. You can stay or have your lunch in Taj Palace located near the Jal Mahal.

You can see this place anytime there are no entry charges for this place.

8) Surya Mandir 

If you want to see the pink Jaipur you should visit Surya Mandir during early sunset. Located in the hills near to Galtaji temple this place is peaceful and cool.  You will find many monkeys here so don’t forget to carry bananas.

9) Albert Hall Museum 

Albert Hall Museum Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum is the largest museum in Rajasthan. The historical building with a big concert hall itself is the main attraction for many visitors. This Museum has all Rajasthani weapons of the old era, various statues, clothes, crockery and many more things to attract people.
While visiting Albert Hall you can visit Ram Niwas Garden. It is located at a distance of 1.5 km only.

Albert Hall Museum Timing - 9.00 A.M. to 6.30 P.M.

Entry Fee for Albert Hall Museum -

For Indians - Rs. 60
For Foreigners – Rs. 100

10) Raj Mandir Cinema 

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall Jaipur

Raj Mandir is the most popular theatre of Jaipur Rajasthan. It is more like a tourist destination. The interiors and lightening effects inside the theatre are amazing. This place is like a royal palace and still maintains its elegance and charm. The lobby décor and seating arrangements are royal and fantastic.

Interiors Of Raj Mandir Jaipur

Interiors Of Raj Mandir Jaipur Rajasthan
Interiors Of Raj Mandir Jaipur
If you are visiting Jaipur you should not miss this palace as it is one of the best cinema halls in Asia and popular as Pride of Asia.

Apart from visiting the above palace if you get little time then you should visit the famous Bapu Bazar. Here you will get the best bandhani sarees, more shoes and best Rajasthani jewellery here.